"Amazing " The Advanced Technology That Will Appear In The Future

"Amazing " The Advanced Technology That Will Appear In The Future

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology-The technology actually comes from the French word "La Teknique" which can be interpreted as "All processes are carried out in an effort to realize something rationally". In this case what is meant by something can be either an object or a concept, the limitation of the way that is rationally is important to be understood here in such a way that the making or manifestation of something can be carried out repeatedly (repetition).
Technology in this sense can be known through the goods, objects or tools that successfully made by humans to facilitate and facilitate the realization of his life in the world.
Technology is no longer merely a result of the creative power that exists in human capabilities and excellence, but it has even become a "creative power" that stands beyond human capability, which in turn shapes and creates another human community.
Technology is also the application of science that learns and develops the ability of an engineering with certain steps and techniques in a field. Technology is an application of science and engineering to develop machinery and procedures to expand and improve the human condition or at least improve human efficiency in some aspects.

Here's an exciting innovation that Advanced Technology


First Advanced Technology is Nanotechnology is the embodiment of super sophisticated future technology that is made very small. Even to hold it alone can not use empty hands. The size of this nanotechnology is only 1 / billionth of a meter equal to the thickness of hair that is split into 50,000 parts.
This Nanotechnology can make it easier for human to manipulate small particles, as small as atoms. The goal of nanotechnology itself is to create future materials, machines and robots that have very small size.
Materials created from this nanotechnology will be stronger than diamonds, have a super light weight, resistant to extreme weather conditions, capable of conducting electricity and are environmentally friendly.
The technology of the super-sophisticated future is predicted to spread throughout the world. Not only that, we can also create other super sophisticated equipment through this nanotechnology. For example, make nanobots or nanoparticles that can be inserted into the human body.
Nanobots are inserted into the body later can serve as a cure various diseases and destroy cancer cells. Even the nanobots are capable of being operated as anything that nanobots want to create.


Currently, the monorail has been widely developed by many countries in the world to further facilitate human activity. Transport means that the size of the train is larger than this rail has been designed to be more economical for human transportation needs in the future. The model you can meet in an amusement park located in New Zealand. Here, the monorail is designed using a pedal consisting of a long rail and has been equipped by an individual "pod" that is hung to the bottom. Its speed can even reach 30 miles per hour.


Imagine a future computer whose speed is thousands of times faster than today's fastest supercomputer. Thousands times faster and more efficiently than IBM "Roadrunner" at Los Alamos whose speed reaches 1.7 petaflops (1 petaflop = 10 ^ 15 operations per second).
This is the awesomeness of quantum computers. This computer is so powerful because it was created using the phenomena of the magic of the quantum world, Superposition and Quantum Entanglement.
In code-breaking (eg cryptography), to decode up to 140 digits, a normal computer would take billions of years to crack it. But with a quantum computer, it can be solved in just a few short minutes.
With this computer humans will also be able to predict the weather on earth and other highly complex natural phenomena very precisely months before, such as earthquakes and tornadoes. And of course this is increasingly revolutionizing the speed of development of all the advanced technologies that exist today.


For those of you who do not want to drive their own car, "Vehicle Sights" seems very suitable to be a choice of everyday transportation. This personal car of the future is designed for those of you who do not want to drive their own car. Users simply occupy the seats that have been provided and the vehicle will soon run in accordance with the desired destination. This car has a capacity of 7 people and the walls are designed transparently so that users can enjoy the scenery freely and relaxed. The designers expect this modern car to be produced by 2040.


Only a few years ago, all the world's leading scientists are still convinced that there is no material in the world that can make people disappear. That is absolutely impossible, because it violates all the laws of nature known to man. But they are all wrong .. Metamaterial, being one of the crowded materials talked about. This material could create something, to become invisible. A shirt that uses this technology can make the wearer "disappear", like a magic cloak in "Harry Potter".
A fighter with metamaterial material will be invisible, not just invisible radar like "Stealth" technology, but it really does not look like a cloaking device in Star Trek.
This can be done for example by creating an artificial material capable of deflecting electromagnetic radiation, as well as light which is essentially electromagnetic radiation. The material can be like tin and plastic arranged in a certain pattern structure.
The metamaterial will bend light, surround the object it covers and reassemble at its end, like a river water surrounding a rock. In a recent study at Perdue University, they used special needles that would bend light beyond the enclosed object while the object behind it would be visible.


Scramjet will be one of the greatest revolutions in the history of world transportation. The world's most advanced fighter aircraft, the American F / A-22 Raptor has a maximum speed of Mach 2 or 2 times the speed of sound. The Scramjet passenger plane, which will take you at 10 times the speed of sound, Mach 10. The flight from New York to Tokyo, which is now taken in a long, tiring 18 hours, will take Scramjet in just 120 minutes.
Scramjet does not need expensive and heavy rocket fuel, its fuel uses liquid hydrogen mixed with the air-breathing scramjet engine. Burning hydrogen and oxygen at supersonic speed is what will accelerate.
This will make the flight from one place to another around the world to be super fast.


The sun each second releases energy as much as all the energy that the entire human race has in its history. The giant hydrogen plasma energy is 380 Billion-Mega-Watt (380 ^ 26 MW), per second. This is the energy known as Nuclear Fusion energy, The power of the Sun. And the world's scientists are trying to get it.
And this is the energy that makes the giant stars in the universe burn for billions of years. Powerful energy throughout in the universe.
A large experiment is being conducted in the small town of Cadarache in the southern tip of France in a project called ITER. Here Deuterium and Tritium atoms are melted with heat reaching 150 million degrees Celsius, almost 10 times the heat of the Sun's core. The melting container is protected by a Tokamak magnetic field so it does not melt.
The great thing is that Deuterium can be produced from ordinary seawater and Tritium is formed from Lithium which can be obtained from natural stone. The greatest energy in the entire universe of Water and Natural Stone.
If these scientists succeed in creating it, then the whole world will have a great new energy source in place of petroleum. This energy will be so great and efficient, unlimited, very cheap, and environmentally friendly.
That's a super-advanced technology future that will be realized later in the future. Its technological sophistication will help you in every activity.


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